“Holistic Neutrality is the Key to Success” – Mark Voradis Vinyaratn

//“Holistic Neutrality is the Key to Success” – Mark Voradis Vinyaratn

“Holistic Neutrality is the Key to Success” – Mark Voradis Vinyaratn

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“Although we are surrounded by localized environment in Thailand, it is undeniable that we still need to catch up IT direction of our neighboring and other countries. I never believe in reinventing the wheel, but I do believe that we can mimic the proven idea. What works elsewhere, let’s embrace, improve and localize it.”

This determined statement of Mark Voradis Vinyaratn reflects his flexible reality-based mindset. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Voradis Vinyaratn, he is the Executive Director and Acting Managing Director at TCC Technology Company Limited (TCCtech); the leading Cloud – Enabled Data Center and IT Infrastructure Provider in Thailand. TCCtech services serve businesses in 4 areas; 1. Data center and Colocation 2. Network and Connectivity 3. Cloud 4. Consultancy. The capability of those core services has apparently enabled and supported rapid adaptability of Thai and international entrepreneurs during the ongoing technology disruption.

One of the impressive strategies Voradis has executed to get TCCtech through business limitations is the continuity in enhancing organization capabilities by driving towards the Holistic Solutions covering Infrastructure, End-point Solutions and Consultancy for Development. Voradis underlines the value of neutrality and drives business services towards Carrier Neutral Network concept as well as emphasizes the integration of products and services in order to create most utilization efficiency. “TCCtech is an Integrated IT infrastructure Service Provider who embraces IT network and creates expertise ecosystems covering Data Centers, Connectivity and Computing Resources. We aim to continue developing the best products and services to support customer needs, and to further become one contributor who builds skillful IT resources to the country.”

The Power of People

As a company, ‘profit’ is the indisputable business purpose that requires gearing power from its ‘people’. During the conversation with Voradis, one key message that has been repeated is about the objective to increase capability and expertise to his people and enable them to align with technology trends and company direction. This leader believes that knowledge asset is intangible, but at the same time it is valuable and consistent. The pathway to create strong organization starts from strength of the people. “From my perspective, management level in each unit is required to have an ability to analyze and to develop necessary skills for their team and organization. What is important is the continuity of improvement which should be tracked and evaluated to ensure fulfillment efficiency towards employees, organization and society” stated Voradis.

Although it was a short discussion with Mark Voradis Vinyaratn, it has opened our understanding that being a thought leader is not only related to the capability on managerial business but also the balanced positive mindset towards relevant stakeholders in the ecosystems. The positivity will create rational perception towards open possibilities and lead to opportunities.

Lastly, some mentioned statements seem to be difficult to practice with ease, but we, OPEN-TEC still look forward to how this leader’s thought would turn impossibility into possibility.

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