Dashway : The Innovative Security System

//Dashway : The Innovative Security System

Dashway : The Innovative Security System

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Fraser Property Thailand PLC, or (“FPT”) launches the innovative security system under the name of the Dashway project with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is connected with the CCTV system to increase the capability of the security scheme.  With the AI capabilities and Machine Learning embedded in databases on the cloud, CCTV cameras can classify cars, recognize the license plate, and able to predict the traffic density within the area including calculating the amount of exhaust emissions from cars.  It can also detect violations such as parking in a prohibited place, premise intrusions.  All these processes come from the connecting of AI ​​system within the cloud databases.

Dashway project has three objectives:

1. Operation cost reduction

2. Customer experience improvement

3. Data monetization

The project is currently deployed for the first time at the Frasers Property Logistics Park, located on Bangna-Trat Road, Km. 39, to solve a problem for handling for site security of a large logistic park with a high volume of cars and trucks traveling in and out more than 2,000 vehicles per day.

Dashway project will offer Seamless Experience to customers for entering and exiting the area with Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology that can read license plates precisely.  The data will be connected to the barrier gates, which help to control open and close automatically.  Therefore, drivers do not require a physical card to enter and exit the area.  It also helps to reduce traffic congestion, and at the same time to enhance a good experience for customers.

Display information traffic density prediction and exhaust emissions calculation

Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) technology can classify types of vehicles.  These data are systematically stored in the cloud system for predictive analysis and for developing a database that is useful for other forms of services in the future such as targeted advertising, etc.

Display license plate recognition information and classification of cars enter-exit

Automatic Intruder Detection (AID) technology is used with the Dashway project to detect 360 ° auto-tracking.  The CCTV camera will detect the movement of objects and the suspect.  If there is an incident occurring then, the system will alert, and send a real-time notification to the responsible department and security personnel to reducing the risk of accidents and car thefts.

Automatic Intruder Detection (AID) technology captures 360-degree movement around

In addition, Geo-Fencing Alert (GFA) is another Dashway technology that can define and create virtual spaces for granting permission to park in a designated area, and to sending an alert to a responsible department when there is parking in a prohibited area.

Geo-fencing technology (GFA)

Dashway’s web-application dashboard gives a visualization of data demonstrating all the necessary information. Its user-friendly interface will display details of types of cars, license plates, traffic density at the site, violations such as parking in prohibited area, intrusion, and estimation of exhaust emissions within the area, etc. The information can be further developed in order to manage and improve the site operation. For example, using the data for a new approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions more efficiently at the logistics park.

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