Agile – The New Working Concept

//Agile – The New Working Concept

Agile – The New Working Concept

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Agile seems to be an unfamiliar definition to many people. It is not a name for an individual or an object but it is for a practical concept that has been widely recognized and accepted for more than a decade. The core concept of Agile is about trial & error learning discipline, testing, less procedure and having acceleration in learning, failing and fixing.

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The main factor of agile development is an individual especially who is a decision maker, mostly in technology startup segment that operates with few resources in a rapid and changing environment. The scenario is different from an enterprise with complex working procedures.

One case study is from flooded Tham Luang cave rescue incidence in Chiang Rai, Thailand that allowed local people to know Elon Musk, a billionaire, an innovator and a founder of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX). Elon offered his contribution with a prototype rescue mini-submarine which he had never experienced before. Elon and his team developed the mini-submarine from a liquid oxygen transfer tube of SpaceX’s Falcon rocket in only 2-3 days. The operation was executed by quickly applying hypothesis and testing with flexible approval steps, this is how Agile concept works.

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Dr. Sak Segkhoonthod, Director of The Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) (DGA) revealed that private sector in Thailand tends to widely adopt Agile concept to their business operation especially in software and technology area. These technology providers are required to have a rapid response and delivery by overcoming errors and mistakes, in order to meet customer expectation and to become outstanding in the industry.

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Government sector can also take steps towards agility by connecting population data and offering government data for public access. These will allow developers from private sector to design the right application product and service to fulfill market demands.

OPEN-TEC believe that government sector has been in attempts to become adaptive towards Agile concept. However the difficulty of developing each process to fulfill over 66 million population’s demand with the least time and resources is the big challenge that they have to overcome.

Agile is the new concept that emphasizes on quick decision and action. It also focuses on interaction between people rather than working process. Although agility is an unfamiliar process for Thais, it is a trending concept that widely accepted at international level. Its benefit depends on how an individual or an organization would adopt and applied in their practice.

Source: Dr. Sak Segkhoonthod, Director of The Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) (DGA)

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