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OPEN-TEC is the Tech Knowledge Sharing Platform which can be applied in various aspects of benefit towards business, education, and society. The OPEN-TEC was initiated by TCC Technology with an aim to gather potential of technology resources from local and international level. In order to create balanced Technology Ecosystem, TCCtech encourages participants to express their ideas & creativity via co-creation, provides stage for networking and connects opportunities. Moreover, our ultimate goal is not only for the benefit of one organization but significant contributions for all, to the whole country throughout the Region.

OPEN-TEC was designed to be Corporate Innovation Lab which is a mobile unit to move forward with the network of technology expert and the variety of knowledge from local and global sources.

The platform has objectives to serve its 3 dimensions:
1. Encouraging Learning Society
2. Inspiring Organization towards Digitalization
3. Creating Shared Value towards Sustainable Community.

OPEN-TEC’s Member

OPEN-TEC welcome any participants that are interested in corporate innovations. Our initial partners will be TCC Technology Group, startups, fintech, university alliances, leading business organizations in region and technology partners around the globe.

Membership Benefits
1. Privilege to attend technology forums hosted by OPEN-TEC and receive prioritized seat reservation
2. Privilege to join business forums which OPEN-TEC co-hosts with different organizations in order to connect with local and global technologists, also to grow networks among community members and high-level executives from a group of companies
3. Privilege to receive latest activity updates and useful information from organizations at our global-connect level
4. Privilege to request OPEN-TEC to be a distribution channel to release research, information, news and other materials to community members. All materials will be processed through consideration and approval steps to ensure privacy of all members before releasing

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