A Decade of AR: Virtual Illusion

//A Decade of AR: Virtual Illusion

A Decade of AR: Virtual Illusion

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OPEN-TEC, the Tech Knowledge Sharing Platform inspired by TCC Technology, recently supported the “Decade of AR – Augmented Reality” event organized by Apichai Ruangsiripiyakul, Chief Executive Officer, OS Corporation.

Moreover, OPEN-TEC, granted permission from the organizer, has provided summaries of compelling issues in different formats such as video interviews, highlight video, and interviews showing the effort in developing AR in the 5th generation of cellular networks in order to connect AR with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT). Such effort demonstrates not only the utilization of AR in enhancing future business values but also the possibility to experience Jarvis AI, an operating system used in Iron Man, in Khon Kaen in the near future.

Here is the highlight video !

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